Extra edited Photo: € 30,-

We offer € 50,- discount on the Standard Package for returning clients and acting class students.


Wear the clothes you love and if you like bring another outfit with you.

Earrings and necklace’s should be small and simple so as not to obsecure too much attention from your face (bring a selection with you).

If you wear glasses, bring all the pairs you use.


Make Up for the session is reccomended for all women. We can provide for you or you can come to the appointment with your hair and make up done the way you would like to present yourself.

Make Up Artist cost € 150,- and you will be paying them directly (we work with freelance make up artists).


During the session you will learn something about yourself and how to stand in front of the camera. We all wonder why actors always look so good in films and photographs, they are no more beautiful than other people, they just know how to pose, and this you will learn with this photo session

With our 12 years experience with people photography, we will guide you to get out your genuine expression and feel confortable in front of the camera.

You will see all the pictures we take and approve the ones that we should edit for you.


* the group rates are discounted based on the number of the people being photographed. We are available in any destination in Austria and Germany.